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These are Real Stories from Real Dermablend customers. We thank you for sharing your stories with us and invite you to read real stories from Dermablend users in their own words.
Save To My Dermablend
I was a sun worshiper when I was in my 20's and went tanning a lot! I naturally have freckles but a little more then I probably naturally do. I need a good foundation with a lot of good coverage. I could not find ANYTHING out there until I decided to pick up a tube of it, I thought it would be nice to have in my purse. After I used the coverage stick I was sold! I went back and even though the foundation is pricey I bought myself a tube. I use a color darker then my original color without having any lines or even look like I have all these imperfections, as soon as I put it on its like putting on a canvas to get ready for makeup application, you don't need a lot and it won't look caked on, it just perfectly makes my face a nice matte beige color and my face looks flawless. I recommend always go 1 darker color up from your original skin color for best coverage. You won't see lines around your jaw or anywhere, you just need to rub it in well and you are good to go. I don't know what I would do if they stopped selling this product! It’s the best!
Jeffersonville, PA
Submitted January 2013
I normally have decent skin usually, but after using the same products over the past 15+ years I am no longer happy with the way my skin looks. I've been using the Dermablend primer, foundation and setting powder and I feel beautiful again. It took a few trial and error combinations before I got it right but now I love the way I look. THANKS Dermablend!
Tonawonda, NY
Submitted January 2013
I am 75. Although my skin is good, I have developed "old age" spots - I find that Dermablend easily covers and blends them - and makes my skin all one shade again - It also provides moisture - very much needed here in Los Angles.
Van Nuys, CA
Submitted January 2013
My name is Joshua and I am a makeup artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia. For one of my body painting projects, my model had a beautiful, full back tattoo that I needed to cover to achieve my look. At first I was really worried that it wouldn't cover well but with a few layers of Dermablend and Dermablend powder, the tattoo completely vanished! Not only did it cover the tattoo well, it lasted the entire time without needing any touch-ups! Dermablend is the best product on the market for coverage.
Vancouver, CA
Submitted January 2013
I started using Dermablend again after about 15 years. Love the new improvements. It looks so natural like I have no makeup on at all and it covers everything. I have acne scars and dark marks. When I use the product you do not see my imperfections. It appears as if I have perfect flawless skin. Keep it up Dermablend.
Philadelphia, PA
Submitted January 2013
I have excess pigmentation over and around my eyes and on my chin and lip area. I was very uncomfortable with the blotches on my face. I use Dermablend #6 Chocolate. I receive compliments on my face everywhere I go.
San Diego, CA
Submitted January 2013
Dermablend Cover Creme Chroma 5 Olive Brown and Dermablend Cover powder have been a blessing for me. I get even coverage over those dark spots and my skin is flawless with beautiful results. I get lots of compliments on how wonderful my makeup looks from family, friends and people in general. I thank you for a great product.
Lithonia, GA
Submitted January 2013
I had tried so many products before Dermablend Cover Creme and Setting Powder. I didn't have a lot of hope that I would find a full coverage makeup. I did and have been using ever since. My forehead has cleared up. It turned out to be a hormone "thing". I continue to use Dermablend anyway because whether trying to cover flaws or not, it's a wonderful product!
Rialto, CA
Submitted January 2013
I have been so happy with full coverage concealer and cream foundation with setting powder. I have used it for years and have never used any other foundation. The coverage is perfect and does not clog my pores for easy wash off.
Meridan, MS
Submitted January 2013

I was diagnosed with hirutism at the age of 16. Shaving every morning and by five o'clock it was already noticeable. Being so young in high school really affected my self-esteem. I was introduced to Dermablend Cover Creme SPF 30 by a make-up artist at Burdines (yep, that's how long ago it was) I have not stopped using it since. The product covers everything, including my small mole and gives me a flawless complexion with a beautiful confident feeling that lasts through the day. Never making fell "made up" oily or weighted down. Best part, no matter how hot it gets here in FL it also never comes off!
Vero Beach, FL
Submitted January 2013

So this past summer I broke out in horrible cystic acne that caused a lot of scarring. I never really wore make up before because I felt I didn't need it. After using several different medications and 6 months, my acne has gone away. Unfortunately they left horrible scars that are really embarrassing. So I decided to try makeup and went to my local make up store and told the woman there about my troubled skin and she brought me over to Dermablend. I use a moisturizer and primer before applying, Dermablend Quick-Fix® Concealer, then Smooth Indulgence SPF 20 Foundation, and then a finishing powder. Everyone said it covered my scars really well, and evened out my skin tone. My boyfriend said it did look obvious I was wearing makeup but that it definitely covered my scars. So off I went and bought some Dermablend and it hasn't caused me to break out yet.
Moorhead, MN
Submitted January 2013

I have a birth mark on the side of my face that I cover. I have found that Dermablend is the only product that is successful in covering it.
Elgin, SC
Submitted January 2013