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For full coverage of:
  • Vitiligo
  • Birthmarks
  • Rosacea
  • Burns
  • Pigmentation Disorders
  • Post-Operative Bruising
  • Scars
Cover Creme
Full coverage foundation for moderate to major skin flaws
Lightweight creme formula with high purity pigments and natural skin tones. Cover Creme delivers a flawless complexion and 12 hours of consistent color wear. Glides on evenly. Delivers all day hydration. Skin looks fresh, feels soft and velvety smooth.
1 oz
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Mar 13 2014
Las cruces, NM
Hi, I been using dermablend since I was16, I' m almost 30 and all I can say is that I love it, I used to live in Mexico close to the frontier but you don't get products like this kind in Mexico, first time I saw it was in a transsexual guy, in a restaurant i couldn't believe how beautiful skin she had, I kept staring at her until I decided to go ask her what make up she was wearing Ever since has become my soul, my confidence and self steem are not longer a problem. 100 % recommended.
Oct 21 2013
Jun 04 2013
Smithtown, NY
Great product
I have been using dermablend for 17 years now and I love it. I would not use any other makeup but this.
May 15 2013
Columbia, MD
Nothing else like it!
I've used Dermablend Cover Creme for decades and there is no other product that comes even close to this kind of coverage. PLUS it looks beautiful and natural on, not thick or cakey.
May 15 2013
Cleburne, TX
Foundation: I
I have a poorly done tattoo on my eyebrows. This product has saved me from the embarrassment of it showing. I never let myself run out of product. I would rather wear the wrong color than no dermablend at all. It is the best I've ever found by far and you can even swim with it on. It stays in place. It's a lifesaver for the face.
Apr 08 2013
new port richey, FL
Great coverage!
I was born with Giant Hairy Nevus on my face, neck and ears. After years of reconstructive surgery,( removal of the nevus and placing graphed skin from my body ), the graphs' took but had very evident discoloration. Dermablend has been a life saver in that when wearing it, my skin color is of a normal color and far less stares. I am so grateful to everyone who are responsible for such a fine product! I don't have to hide my face or feel abnormal anymore. Love you Dermablend!
Apr 08 2013
ontario, CA
Best Ever
Best I have ever used and have been using for years. I loaned my jar to someone and couldnt believe how much I missed it!
Apr 08 2013
Cabot, AR
Dermablend is my life saver skin coverup for over 15 years. I have tried several other products but i always come back to my fav DERMABLEND. My skin looks flawless. People always have a hard time guessing my age. Thank You so much for a wonderful product.

Oma in Arkansas
Apr 08 2013
Pittsfield, MA
Full coverage without the weight.
Received my order yesterday, used it today and am LOVING the coverage. Covered my discoloration and severe acne marks ( one on the nose) and mouth area. Makes me look like I HAVE PERFECT SKIN! Want perfect model skin? Get the cover creme and powder to set, and you are ready to go. A little goes a long way so start with a very small amount and build to cover as needed. Just wished Dermablend included samples of one shade lighter and one shade darker so if ordered shade doesn't match you'd have some guideline to order the correct shade (especially for different seasons).
Apr 08 2013
Yonkers, NY
in love with my makeup
The best make up I ever bought goes on smoothly & last all day long for me :)