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Pigment Correcting Primer
A makeup primer for uneven skin tone, age spots, sun spots and acne scars.
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A double action treatment primer, clinically shown* to reduce the size and color intensity of skin discolorations. Skin complexion is more even, clear and radiant. Skin feels silky, smooth and supple allowing for a flawless makeup application. Suitable for all ethnicities and skin tones.

Treat: A double action formula containing Ceramide White with LHA to target skin discoloration. Acts on skin surface layers reducing the appearance of excess melanin. Provides a micro exfoliation for the removal of unwanted pigmented dead cells. Gentle enough for every day use.
Hydrate: Locks in skin moisture and prevents water loss. Leaves skin with a healthy and fresh appearance.
Sensitive: Fragrance free. Suitable for sensitive and allergic skin
Texture: Lightweight, fast acting and absorbing. Non sticky. Non greasy. Leaves skin smooth and supple.

Skin Results: A clinically-shown* formula to reduce the size and color intensity of skin discoloration.

Makeup Results: Gives a flawless makeup application, makeup does not slip and it allows for longer and even wear of foundation

*in a clinical test
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Jun 11 2014
Product works
Works Great !! Finally found something that works.
Feb 11 2013
brooklyn, NY
Works Magic!
A sun spot on my check disappeared after two weeks!
Jan 07 2013
Lehigh Acres, FL
Best Primer
There is NOT a better primer than this.
Feb 07 2013
Alpine, CA
Over Rated
Can say that this product has improved my pigment discoloration at all. I have been using for 2 months now and NO noticeable difference. Very over priced primer I gave it 3 stars because it is light and not drying or sticky like some primers but I feel it promises more that it the results I have experienced.
Jun 04 2013
san francisco, CA
do not name it skin correcting, name it lasting primer
It doesn't treat skin discoloration at all as promised but it is long lasting and the make up does not fade away. It lasts all day even through sweaty workouts.
Jan 23 2013
san francisco, CA
Doesn't promise everything it say it does. Use it up and search again.
Jan 25 2013
Largo, FL
Try another product
This product did not do anything that it stated. Can't get the product to come out unless I take the top off and turn upside down. Very disappointing.