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Long Wear Makeup Remover
A lightweight formula that quickly, gently and effectively removes makeup
Quickly, gently and effectively removes long lasting and resistant wear makeup. Thoroughly cleanses skin with no harsh or excessive rubbing. Removes waterproof mascara, long lasting lip, eye and foundation makeup on face and body. Leaves skin feeling clean, smooth and fresh. Non-greasy. Skin feels conditioned and comfortable. Leaves no residue. Non-drying. Suitable for sensitive skin and contact lens users.

For face: Apply a generous amount on fingertips and gently massage over skin in a circular motion. Either rinse of tissue off.
For eyes: Apply to dampened cotton ball, with eyes closed gently massage. Wipe eye area and rinse with water.
5 Oz.
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Oct 21 2013
Pittsburgh, PA
Best eye makeup remover EVER!
I've tried dozens of eye makeup removers and most of them cause my eyes to burn and tear. The ones that are gentle and don't cause this reaction do not remove waterproof mascara. This stuff is GREAT! Quickly dissolves waterproof mascara & liquid liner. Gentle, effective and does not leave greasy or oily residue behind. I'm disappointed that it's always out of stock & Dermablend does not offer to fill my request via backorder.
Jan 25 2013
Mooresville, NC
This product is great!
I love this product! It removes all traces of makeup. It's very light, doesn't leave my skin feeling dry, and has no harsh odor.
Jan 25 2013
Virginia Beach, VA
Must have
A must have compliment to the product line. Non greasy, no irritation. Leaves skin clean and make up free.