Using Foundation to Cover Acne

Using Foundation to Cover Acne

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  • It was hard for Mackenzie to go to school every day because people would insult her skin. Her acne began in middle school, she had more of a shy personality, and people thought she couldn't stick up for herself so they made her a target. She never felt like she fit in because of her skin type. Mackenzie felt very insecure about herself. In middle and high school she tried to use foundation to cover up her acne, but a lot of the time her foundation went on so cakey. She felt like nothing was catered towards acne and other skin conditions.

    Then she found Dermablend, it is ideal for her skin as it does not clog pores and it is not harsh on her skin. Dermablend made her feel flawless. It normalized her acne and made her feel so much more confident. She feels that Dermablend allowed her to see her skin as a canvas to be creative with. Looking at her complexion in this new way has helped her reflect upon her own beauty. Mackenzie mentors high school students and is able to relate with their self-appearance struggles. She now shares her outlook with them to look at beauty in a different way. Mackenzie says reflecting on your own self-worth is the most important thing you can do each day. She feels empowered because she has that choice every morning. Do you want to wear makeup or go bare-face? It doesn't matter because she is beautiful regardless and Dermablend gave her that choice.

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