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  • Dermablend Cover Care Concealer

    Dermablend Cover Care Concealer

    No makeup bag is complete without concealer, and this one hard-working product is the secret to complexion perfection.

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  • Body Makeup 101

    Body Makeup 101

    Full-coverage foundation isn’t just for your face, there are several scenarios when body makeup may be in order.

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  • Should I Apply Concealer or Foundation First?

    Should I Apply Concealer or Foundation First?

    Concealer or Foundation, which comes first? This is one of the most common beauty inquiries. To answer this age old question, there are a few things that you have to consider such as foundation and concealer type and application technique.

    Rachel Short, licensed esthetician and head of education for Dermablend Professional, takes us though some tips and tricks to demystify your concealer and foundation application.

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  • Drag Queen Makeup Hacks

    Drag Queen Makeup Hacks

    For decades, queens have gone to great lengths and gotten creative with their cosmetics to transform their mugs from basic to beautiful. Chelsea Piers, a Drag Queen in New York City takes us through her best makeup tips and tricks.

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  • Full Coverage Foundation for Concerns

    Full Coverage Foundation for Concerns

    Full coverage foundation can be a savior for your skin (and your sanity), especially when you’re dealing with redness, acne, post-acne scars, dark spots or undereye circles—and all of us are bound to experience at least one of these at some point.

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  • What is Color Corrector Makeup?

    What is Color Corrector Makeup?

    Color correcting is method of using complementary colors (colors that are directly opposite in the color spectrum) to cancel out the look of skin discoloration. Color correcting concealers generally coming in green, lavender, yellow and coral tones. They are used to target an array of skin issues such as dullness, redness, under eye circles, dark spots and bruises.

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Makeup and Acne

    Everything You Need to Know About Makeup and Acne

    Choosing the proper makeup for acne-prone skin is key for minimizing further breakouts, and as the #1 dermatologist recommended coverage brand, Dermablend has you covered.

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  • What is Banana Powder?

    What is Banana Powder?

    Introducing banana powder illuminating setting powder. Dermablend’s best-selling loose setting powder, now in a luminous finish. The brightening banana shade is never ashy or flat.

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  • What is Makeup Primer?

    What is Makeup Primer?

    Makeup primer prepares your skin for foundation. It creates an extra layer between your skin and makeup to make your complexion makeup last longer, smooth out the skin’s texture and even out the skin tone.

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